When installing a security system into your home or business you may find yourself wondering which option is better – a wired alarm system, or a wireless one.

The aim of this article is to outline the pros and cons of each type of alarm system as well as giving a definitive answer on which one is preferable.

Wired Security Alarm System

Historically wired alarm systems are far more common because it has been a commonly available connection type way before wireless systems became common place. A wired alarm system would typically involving connecting to the control unit using either coax cable or cat 5e networking cable.


  • More reliable
  • More cost effective; wire components are cheaper than wireless
  • Less maintenance
  • Connection with control unit does not fluctuate
  • Professionally fitted systems are very tidy


  • Often more expensive to install due to cabling requirements
  • Harder to hide wires to make the system tidy
  • Running cable in certain locations is not always possible


Wireless Security Alarm Systems

Wireless security alarms are becoming more common as wireless technology becomes more common place. A wireless alarm system would typically involve similar equipment but the devices are connected using wireless technology thus limiting the running of wires between the devices.


  • Easier to install in existing house/office as less wires need to be run
  • Less wiring so installation can look tidier


  • Installation is dependent on wireless signal strength
  • Control units are more expensive
  • Connection may fluctuate due to signal interference
  • More maintenance


So Which Is Better?

Although wireless technology seems like a great idea there are lots of barriers to installation, there are also concerns in terms of stability and speed of wireless compared to wired systems. Wired alarm systems once installed are extremely robust and the connection is fast and stable, there is also little maintenance to maintain a wired alarm system. For these reasons a wired system is always preferable over a wireless system. When building a new home or office it is advisable to have a wired alarm system fitted as it is much easier to do so at this point. It is worth keeping in mind though that in some situations it is not possible to install a wired alarm system due to restrictions and in these cases a wireless system may be the best option.

Contact us for a free security evaluation of your home or office in order to determine which system would be best in your location.

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